Thursday, July 31, 2014

Margot Adler dies

Journalist, NPR commentator, and author Margot Adler, best known for her pivotal book on Neopaganism, Drawing Down the Moon, passed away on 28 July at the age of 68. Though she was Wiccan and not Heathen, for many the second edition of her most famous work, in which she included a chapter on Asatru and Odinism, was their first exposure to Northern Tradition. Her obituary in the New York Times may be read here. An elegiac piece by Jason Pitzl-Waters appears at the Wild Hunt.

Uncle Thor and the Havamal

"Whatever you may think of its origin, the Havamal is one of the most amazing texts of its kind. The bulk of it is a litany of practical advice for survival and success in the everyday world. My own experiences back in the bad old days confirm its sage advice. The Havamal is unlike codes of behavior in that it is not a set of rules. Nor is it a collection of high-sounding proverbs. To put it simply this stuff works!" To read more of Uncle Thor's vies on The Words of the High One, and how they apply to life in modern Midgard, visit his blog.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Dan Halloran convicted

"Former city Councilman Dan Halloran was found guilty Tuesday afternoon at the federal court house in White Plains of all charges on a five-count indictment in his corruption case."  Full article may be viewed at the Times Ledger.